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Folklore in airline design

The role of an airline as a promotor of traditional values and national legacy. A story about how cultural heritage can influence liveries and design of modern airlines.

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The legacy of the last tri-jet

A brief history of the MD-11, a jetliner that geeks loved, companies loathed and pilots feared. And on Sunday of 26 October, 2014, landing gear of KLM’s MD-11 on flight 672 from Montreal touched down at Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS) and rolled into the history. It was the last commercial flight for McDonnell Douglas MD-11, the last trijet in airline service.


Going long-haul at any cost

Cheap fuel and myriad of point-to-point flight connections enabled even more passengers to fly on budget. And that sprung entire new market which it seemed impossible with older planes and engines — paying low cost and flying long haul.