Takeoff and departure Dark and foggy. Walkaround. Ready for taxi. Towards Runway 05. Taxiing. Taxi lights on. Approaching the runway. Landing lights on. Rotating. Off the ground. Reaching ZAG VOR turning towards OBUTI. The lights of Zagreb peeking through the clouds. En route Continuing towards OBUTI. Overflying Varaždin. Contacting the Ljubljana control. Approaching Graz. Cruising […]

Featured sim report Short Haul Simming 19.03.2018


Takeoff and departure Beautiful Queen of the Skies. Walk-around. Checking the engines. London ground, Virgin 019 request pushback. After pushback. Virgin 019 taxi and hold short runway 27L via F B M U N2W. Taxiing on the Bravo taxiway. Turning… British Airways 747 docking at Europier. The old control tower in the background. Turning towards […]

Featured sim report Long Haul Simming 14.03.2017


Takeoff from Vienna Austrian triple seven getting ready for departure. Loading luggage and cargo. Pushback completed. Taxiing towards runway 11. Austrian maintenance hangars in the background. Approaching exit A11 while company’s A330 is on the final approach. Entering the runway. Rotate. Positive rate. Construction work on the new terminal in the distance. Gear up. Leaving […]

Featured sim report Long Haul Simming 11.11.2016


Takeoff and departure A beautiful beast parked at the gate A25. Steering pin removed. Have a good flight, sir. Taxiing. Next to Lufthansa Technik hangars. Incoming and departing traffic. Frankfurt cargo apron. Ready. Spooling engines. Croatia Airlines on final. V2. Positive rate. Gear up. The Frankfurt skyline in the background. Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2. Climbing. […]

Featured sim report Long Haul Simming 11.11.2016


Takeoff and departure Swiss HB-IJO parked in front of the gate A51. Overview of the international terminal E. Pushback completed. Zürich tower SWISS 1574 request taxi. Taxiing on taxiway E. SWISS 1574 you are cleared for takeoff. Gear up. On the left KLO VOR. Turning towards ZUE VOR and overflying A1 motorway. Leaving Zürich with […]

Featured sim report Short Haul Simming 11.11.2016


Takeoff and departure In front of the Zagreb airport terminal. “CROATIA 380 taxi and hold short runway 05.” Taking off. Turn towards GOLUN waypoint. The city of Zagreb and Medvednica mountain in the background. En route Top of descent over the city of Karlovac. A1 motorway on the left. Overflying the island of Krk. Rijeka […]

Featured sim report Short Haul Simming 11.11.2016