Checking in at Zagreb Airport (ZAG)

Our British Airways A320 touching down at Zagreb Airport (ZAG).

As our aircraft is getting ready for departure Croatia Airlines Q400 is taxiing to the active runway.

Boarding the plane.

Takeoff from Zagreb Airport (ZAG)

Takeoff from Zagreb Airport runway 05. Soon after rotating we catch a sight of the new terminal construction site getting ready.

Leveling off over Medvednica mountain.

Cruise over Europe

Some cabin atmosphere as we overfly France.

Approaching the English coast and River Thames.

Landing at London-Heathrow (LHR)

Descending into London airspace and holding over Biggin Hill (BIG VOR).

Biggin Hill STAR procedures.

Overflying London and landing at London-Heathrow (LHR) on runway 27L.

The sight of London-City (LCY) as we exit the hold.

London Docklands and a view of the O2 dome and London-City (LCY).

Overflying Canary Wharf.

The City of London in its full glory.

Westminster and South Bank in the eyesight.

After landing. Approaching Terminal 5.

Docking at Terminal 5.