Checking in at Brussels South-Charleroi (CRL)

As we drive around Brussels South-Charleroi (CRL) we pass next to the old terminal.

Across the runway — the new terminal building.

Obviously a Ryanair hub.

Ryanair Boeing 737-800 being marshalled to the gate.

Boarding the plane.

Buckling up.

Takeoff from Brussels South-Charleroi (CRL)

Pushing back with an overview of the terminal. Close to us Jetair Boeing 737 parked on a stand.

Takeoff from Brussels South-Charleroi (CRL) runway 07.

Cruise over Europe and descend over Croatian coast

Cruising altitude.

Overflying Alps and soon after over Rijeka harbour.

Our descent over Croatian coast.

Croatian mainland and the island of Pag.

A view towards Maslenica bridge and A1 motorway.

Landing at Zadar Airport (ZAD)

Final turn and landing at Zadar Airport (ZAD) on runway 32 with a nice view of Zadar archipelago.

On finals and after landing.

Parking in front of the Zadar Airport (ZAD) terminal.