Checking in at Zagreb Airport (ZAG)

Boarding our Croatia Airlines A319 CTL.

Empty ramp at Zagreb Airport (ZAG). After morning rush-hour only Lufthansa Airbus A320 parked.

Takeoff from Zagreb Airport (ZAG)

Takeoff from Zagreb Airport runway 23.


Banking to the right following PODET 3F departing procedure and a view of Zagreb Airport (ZAG).

Cruise over Germany

Observing traffic around us.

Overcast throughout the route. Starting our descent.

Landing at Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

Landing at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) on runway 07R.

Holding to cross runway 07C as Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 takes off. On a taxiway next to us Turkish Airlines Airbus A340.

Terminal 2 overview.

North American carriers in front of Terminal 2.

Next to a giant. Singapore Airlines A380.

Docked at the gate.

In a good company.

Towing Lufthansa A330.

Towed Lufthansa A330 approaching the gate.

Lufthansa A330 welcoming its crew.