Brussels Airport to remove pre-check in structures and introduce new security measures

Temporary pre-check in structures at Brussels Airport Photo by

From November 7 Brussels Airport will remove temporary pre-check in structures that were introduced after the attacks of 22 March. This will enable smoother access to a departures hall. Removal of the tents will commence on 24 October.

After removing pre-check measures some other and more invisible security measures will be introduced by Federal Police to guarantee safety to all departing and incoming passengers. “Apart from the already implemented safety measures, there will also be more police officers in the field and the number of cameras is increased. I am pleased to be able to introduce this new, smart safety concept. The safety levels at the airport are increased even more with the introduction of these technological innovations. At the same time, our passengers shall notice it less”, said Minister of the Federal Public Service of the Interior and Safety Jan Jambon.