Narrowly avoided collision at BRU

Brussels Airport Runway 25R Photo by Wikipedia

A collision was narrowly avoided on October 5 2016 at Brussels Airport (BRU).

It happened at 8:40 PM when Aer Lingus A320 was cleared for landing on runway 01. At that time Air Dolomiti ERJ-195 started a takeoff roll on runway 07R which almost caused collision. Aer Lingus was immediately instructed to go around which saved the day.

EBBR ATC feed. An incident starts at 10:00

Reviewing an ATC feed, Belgocontrol is warning a departing airplane that report will have to be filed due to an incident. Indeed Belgacontrol spokesman has confirmed that an investigation is being conducted by BSA-ANS (Belgian Supervisory Authority), news agency Belga reports.