Barcelona-El Prat to get a new satellite terminal by 2026

Barcelona-El Prat (BCN) Terminal 1 Photo by Aena

Further development will expand capacity of the airport from 55 to 70 million passengers and construction of a high-speed rail line connecting Barcelona-El Prat (BCN) and Gerona-Costa Brava (GRO).

It is a part of new Master Plan 2017-2026 presented on 12 February by the Spanish Ministry of Development. An investment of €2 billion will connect Barcelona-El Prat (BCN) and the Girona-Costa Brava (GRO) airports as a single airport system.

Girona-Costa Brava (GRO) will thus receive and investment of €464 million for the expansion of the aircraft parking platform, the expansion of the terminal passenger area and the construction of an AVE (train) station, guaranteeing its connection with Barcelona.

Further investments of €1,929 million are secured for Barcelona-El Prat (BCN). Those will expand Terminal 1 with a new satellite building west of the existing one. The satellite terminal will focus on intercontinental flights with parking stands for 17 aircraft. It will also expand aircraft platform and enable construction of a new parking building. These actions are estimated to increase the airport’s capacity to 70 million passengers per year.

Barcelona-El Prat (BCN) registered an historic passenger record in 2017, with more than 47 million passengers (increase of more than 7%), which makes it the seventh airport in Europe and the seventeenth in the world by volume of international passengers.

— Aena