Brussels Airport inaugurates triple boarding bridge

Brussels Airport triple gate Photo by Brussels Airport

Yesterday Brussels Airport (BRU) has inaugurated the new triple passenger boarding bridge, for which occasion Emirates carried out a one-off flight with an Airbus A380.

Brussels Airport (BRU) has completed a first stage in the long-term investment plan of 52 million euro in boarding bridges at Pier B. Gates 31 and 33 were equipped with a triple boarding bridge which will be used as a double bridge for wide-bodies including the Airbus A330 and A350 and the Boeing 777 and 787. The bridge can also be used for the largest passenger aircraft in the world, the Airbus A380.

In addition to the technological and technical prowess needed to safely bring the triple passenger bridge to the right height, the bridge is also fitted with air-conditioning to increase the comfort of passengers and staff disembarking.

For the inauguration of the triple passenger boarding bridge, Emirates had an A380, painted in Real Madrid livery, fly to Brussels.

— Brussels Airport