Brussels Airport invests in new technology for hold baggage screening

Hold Baggage Photo by Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport has launched the first phase of works to implement new technology for hold baggage screening. By the September 1, 2022, every airport in the European Union must screen hold baggage according to Baggage Screening Standard 3.

That is why Brussels Airport is investing 100 million Euros in the purchase of new screening devices and the construction of a new hall and infrastructure.

Every airport in the European Union must screen hold baggage according to the ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) Hold Baggage Screening Standard 3 by 2022 at the latest. The standard requires that hold baggage also undergoes a CT scan, in addition to an X ray scan. Similar to CT scans used in hospitals, CT technology for hold baggage creates a 3D image of baggage content.

The new CT technology enables a far more accurate analysis of baggage content, resulting in fewer bags requiring an additional check by security staff. Should the screening device be unable to detect the contents of a piece of luggage or identify a suspicious object, a security officer will further analyse the 3D image of the luggage and decide whether the luggage may be permitted on board the aircraft. Due to improved detection, the volume of baggage requiring the intervention of a security agent should decrease.

Screening devices that satisfy Standard 3 are significantly larger and heavier than current Standard 2 devices. As more space is required for each device, it is not possible to simply replace the devices in the existing baggage hall.

Brussels Airport will therefore construct a new hall between the Sky Hall and Pier B in order to accommodate the new screening configuration for hold baggage. The old building that currently sits on this site, is not fit for the purpose in its current state and must therefore be demolished. The demolition works have started early June and will continue until the end of summer. After some preliminary work, the construction of the new area will begin next year. At a later stage, the new Standard 3 screening devices will be placed and the new installation integrated into the existing baggage sorting system.

— Brussels Airport