Ryanair takes delivery of 1st 737 MAX

Boeing 737 MAX Ryanair; Photo by Ryanair Boeing 737 MAX Ryanair; Photo by Ryanair

On 16 June, Ryanair took delivery of the new airplane in Seattle.

In a very moderate announcement tone, Ryanair received its first 737 MAX. The company’s new airplane flew overnight from Seattle and landed at Dublin Airport (DUB) the next afternoon. This is the first delivery of 210 firm order of these “Gamechanger” aircraft, as Ryanair decided to name the model. The company also changed the official model designation used with other companies. Ryanair named its MAX models Boeing 737-8200, trying to avoid negative feedback after the tragic events that led to the grounding of the model. Investment in new technology is valued at over $22bn. These new aircraft will carry 4% more passengers but reduce fuel consumption by 16% per seat. Also should lower noise emissions by 40% and lower CO2 emissions by a similar amount.

Each 737 aircraft will offer 197 seats (compared to our 189-seat current 737 fleet). But customers should expect more legroom, new Boeing “Sky Interiors” and lower fares while reducing their environmental footprint.

Following delays, Ryanair expects delivery of just 12 of these aircraft during summer 2021. 6 models will arrive in Ryanair colours and 6 in Malta Air colours. Additional 50 aircraft should arrive before summer 2022. Ryanair is hoping this aircraft will help to rebuild the industry after the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.