SAS presents new livery

SAS new livery Image by Scandinavian Airlines

For the first time in 21 years, SAS has launched a brand new visual identity and revealed a new design for its aircraft exterior.

Following new SAS cabin and onboard concepts introduced in 2015, the new livery launched today fulfils an ambition to align the exterior and interior of SAS.

Customer analysis shows that travelers are proud to be part of the SAS community and that the unique blue color, which has become SAS’ signature, together with the logo, are among the strongest elements when travelers highlight their feelings towards the SAS brand.

SAS new liveryImage by Scandinavian Airlines

In this spirit, the new livery embraces this unique relationship by extending the blue colour of the tail further down the fuselage and by adding a new big silver SAS logo to the front of the aircraft.

The roll-out of the new SAS livery will follow the normal maintenance program of the aircraft, meaning the existing fleet will be updated with the new livery in accordance to an already scheduled repaint process each 5-6 years. All SAS aircraft will feature the new livery by 2024.

SAS new liveryImage by Scandinavian Airlines

SAS has chosen an advanced coating material, provided by AkzoNobel, allowing fewer layers of colour to be added. This reduces the weight of the aircraft significantly and translates into fuel savings as well as reduced CO² emissions. Furthermore, the paint contains less toxins than conventional paint systems, while the increased durability allows for longer intervals between complete repaints.

The new Airbus A350 and A320neo will be among the first to feature the new livery. In total, as a part the modernization of the short and long-haul fleet, SAS will take delivery of new Airbus A320neo (80), Airbus A330 Enhanced (5), Airbus A350 (8), and Airbus A321LR (3) aircraft before the end of 2023.

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