Trinitair – new wingtip solution for even more fuel-saving

Trinitair Wingtip Trinitair Wingtip; Image by HiFly

Hi Fly will be the first airline in the world to go on a flight with this new technology.

Hi Fly is teaming up with its principal sustainability partner, the Mirpuri Foundation in delivering a new wingtip solution. Trinitair is the new design capable of reducing fuel consumption by up to 2%. In aviation, each kg of fuel saved on a flight reduces CO2 emissions by 3.16 kg. This unprecedented equipment will bring airlines not only financial benefits; they will also enable them to strongly reduce their environmental footprint.

The development of Trinitair is now in its final phase. The new climate-saving project will have its maiden test-flight on a Hi Fly A330. The company will be the first airline to go on a flight with this new wingtip solution.

Development of a new wingtip solution

The new wingtip provides an enhanced aerodynamic solution. Designed by The Aircraft Performance Company GmbH (The APC), which specializes in improving aircraft performance and solutions for greener aviation. The goal was to design a cost-effective retrofit solution for valuable in-service aircraft. The company is explaining that its 3-finger wingtip solution not only reduces fuel consumption but also optimizes the overall performance. A flight from Frankfurt to Hong Kong, for example, would save at least 1.2 tons of fuel. Applied to global air traffic, this means a considerable overall reduction in fuel and thus in CO2 emissions. Along with a downtime of less than one day for installation, it brings performance enhancement, lower engine wear, range extension and payload increase as well as a significant reduction of fuel burn that leads to lower emissions of CO2 and NOX.

Helping the environment

Hi Fly has a long commitment to sustainability practices, as the first single-use plastic-free airline in the world. It is also working actively to become carbon neutral by the end of 2022. This initiative reflects the company’s intent to fly modern, efficient and environmental-friendly aircraft.

The development of new technologies to reduce fuel consumption is constantly improving the environmental impact of airlines. Trinitair is joining other initiatives from major manufacturers like Airbus and Boing, to help both airlines and the environment.

— Hi Fly/Mirpuri Foundation