Takeoff and departure A foggy day in Frankfurt. Walkaround. At 08:45 LT the weather clears up. Pushed back. Leaving the terminal area. Taxiing. Approaching the active runway. Taxiing on Lima Echo. Queuing up. Takeoff thrust set. Rotating. Over the airfield. Leaving FRA. The Frankfurt am Main downtown in the distance. En route SID endpoint at […]

Long Haul Simming 5.04.2017


Takeoff and departure Beautiful Queen of the Skies. Walk-around. Checking the engines. London ground, Virgin 019 request pushback. After pushback. Virgin 019 taxi and hold short runway 27L via F B M U N2W. Taxiing on the Bravo taxiway. Turning… British Airways 747 docking at Europier. The old control tower in the background. Turning towards […]

Featured sim report Long Haul Simming 14.03.2017


Checking in at Boston-Logan (BOS) A rainy day in Boston. Just another American Airlines Boeing 757 landing at Boston-Logan (BOS) on runway 15R. Delta A330 taxi for takeoff. Delta A330 getting towed to Terminal E, an international terminal, while Air France Boeing 747-400 is taxiing to the active runway. Delta A330 at the gate. Right […]

Featured flight report Flight reports 30.11.2016