Takeoff and departure Lineup of yellow tails in Zagreb. Walkaround while Croatia Airlines Airbus taxies. Leaving the stand position. Holding short at the runway threshold. Taking off. Gear up. Overflying motorways A3 and A4. Zagreb in sight. En route Towards PODET. Overflying Slovenj Gradec in Slovenia. Germanwings 971 traffic is Gulf Air A330 nine o’clock. […]

Short Haul Simming 8.06.2018


Takeoff and departure Poor visibility in Newcastle. Walkaround. Leaving the terminal area. Taxiing. Turning towards the taxiway A. Holding short while British Airways is on the final approach. Lining up on the runway. Gear up. British Airways A320 is taxiing towards the terminal. Leaving Newcastle. Overflying Newcastle. Towards the active route. Continuing towards GASKO over […]

Short Haul Simming 20.05.2018


Takeoff and departure Russian winter is upon us. Tupolev just arrived. The S7 fleet. Pushback completed. Turning towards the taxiway. Approaching the holding point. Entering the runway. Rotate. Leaving Novosibirsk. Turning towards SULIM. Climbing. Above the clouds. En route Cruising. A step towards FL360. Siberia covered with the clouds. Somewhere over Kurgan. Volga peeking below. […]

Short Haul Simming 12.04.2018


Takeoff and departure Just another foggy morning in Zagreb. Walkaround. Starting the engine number 2. Turning towards Runway 05. At the threshold. Entering the runway. Rotate. Positive rate. Climbing towards SK NDB. Turning left heading 360. Out of the clouds. Overflying Medvednica. En route Above Slovenj Gradec. In the Slovenian airspace. Approaching Austria. Crossing the […]

Short Haul Simming 21.03.2018


Checking in at Lisbon Airport (LIS) Waiting for a connecting flight in Terminal 1. KLM 737 being prepared for the next flight. Small waiting area for Gate 19 which will take us to the remote stand. TAP Express E190 taxiing for the departure. Getting ready for a push-back. TAP Airbuses parked at gates 23 and […]

Featured flight report Flight reports 2.06.2017


Checking in at Brussels Airport (BRU) A view from the Connector building between terminals A and B. Straight towards the control tower. Morning traffic pushing back. Simultaneously Turkish A321 and Iberia A320. DHL A310 just landed and rolling out on Runway 25R. Interior of Terminal A. At the gate. TAP A319 arriving to take us […]

Flight reports 1.06.2017


Checking in at Brussels Airport (BRU) A view of the pier B. United 777, TUI 787 and Turkish Airlines A321. Pier A is packed with European (Schengen) carriers. Today’s treat was a sight of Finnair A350-900 for the first time! A closer look of Finnair’s OH-LWD. A view from the Connector building. Our flight departs […]

Flight reports 9.04.2017


Takeoff and departure The low-cost terminal at Glasgow. Walkaround time. Topswiss and Easy in matching liveries. A view towards the terminal building. Pushback complete. Engines are running and preparing to taxi. Turning towards Golf. Taxiing on Alpha. Firefighters’ facilities. The GA apron. Passing the threshold of runway 27. Aligned with the centreline. FLEX 38 takeoff […]

Short Haul Simming 9.04.2017

4U2160 STR-BRU

Checking in at Stuttgart Airport (STR) Early morning departure after yesterday’s cancelled connecting flight. Had to stay in a nearby hotel as there were no more flights to Brussels. But was upgraded to A319 from CRJ so more room for me in the end. Takeoff from Stuttgart Airport (STR) Approaching the airplane. A view from […]

Flight reports 4.04.2017