Takeoff and departure Cape Town awakens. Clearance to start the engines received. Pushback complete. The last glance at the terminal. Entering the runway 19. Springbook 262 you are cleared for takeoff. Quite a difference in height from the ground of the front and the middle section of the fuselage during rotation of the -600. Gear […]

Long Haul Simming 26.03.2017


Takeoff and departure A beautiful beast parked at the gate A25. Steering pin removed. Have a good flight, sir. Taxiing. Next to Lufthansa Technik hangars. Incoming and departing traffic. Frankfurt cargo apron. Ready. Spooling engines. Croatia Airlines on final. V2. Positive rate. Gear up. The Frankfurt skyline in the background. Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2. Climbing. […]

Featured sim report Long Haul Simming 11.11.2016