Checking in at Lisbon Airport (LIS) Waiting for a connecting flight in Terminal 1. KLM 737 being prepared for the next flight. Small waiting area for Gate 19 which will take us to the remote stand. TAP Express E190 taxiing for the departure. Getting ready for a push-back. TAP Airbuses parked at gates 23 and […]

Featured flight report Flight reports 29.07.2018


Takeoff and departure Light rain in Zagreb. Catering finished the food delivery. Starting engines. Passing next to the GA apron. Entering the runway. Gear up. Turning left over SK NDB and overflying A3. Zagreb covered with the clouds. En route Overflying Medvednica. Entering the Slovenian airspace. In Austria. Overflying Klagenfurt. Contacting Munich. Bavaria in sight. […]

Short Haul Simming 27.07.2018


Takeoff and departure The island of Guadeloupe is getting some cloud coverage. Preparing for pushback. Turning towards the exit F. Leaving the terminal area. Holding short. Backtracking towards Runway 11. Aligning with the centreline. Rotating. Positive rate. Gear up. Leaving Le Raizet. Overflying the island. En route Left turn heading 009 towards 5 DME PPR […]

Long Haul Simming 26.07.2018