Checking in at Brussels Airport (BRU) Walking around Concourse B. The terminal welcomes many daily US flights. Brussels Airlines Airbus A330 waiting for its passengers. Morning rush hour is forming a queue towards the active runway. Brussels Airlines A320 Trident, a special livery celebrating the national football team – The Red Devils, seen here being […]

Flight reports 21.06.2019


Takeoff and departure Light rain in Zagreb. Catering finished the food delivery. Starting engines. Passing next to the GA apron. Entering the runway. Gear up. Turning left over SK NDB and overflying A3. Zagreb covered with the clouds. En route Overflying Medvednica. Entering the Slovenian airspace. In Austria. Overflying Klagenfurt. Contacting Munich. Bavaria in sight. […]

Short Haul Simming 27.07.2018


Checking in at Vienna Airport (VIE) Schwechat’s terminal windows should be cleaned from time to time 🙂 Terminal 3 also known as Austrian Star Alliance Terminal was opened in 2012. At this gate, Austrian Boeing 777 is served by catering while Air China A330 is taxiing for departure. At Pier D’s gate Austrian Embraer is […]

Flight reports 4.07.2017


Checking in at Brussels Airport (BRU) My first flight on a brand new CS100. As I reached the gate I found this CS100 already pushing back for the earlier flight to ZĂĽrich. Swiss acquired seven CS100s to the date but swapped occasionally with remaining Avro RJ100 fleet. So was not sure if I will have […]

Featured flight report Flight reports 1.07.2017