Checking in at Brussels South-Charleroi (CRL) As we drive around Brussels South-Charleroi (CRL) we pass next to the old terminal. Across the runway — the new terminal building. Obviously a Ryanair hub. Ryanair Boeing 737-800 being marshalled to the gate. Boarding the plane. Buckling up. Takeoff from Brussels South-Charleroi (CRL) Pushing back with an overview […]

Flight reports 8.12.2016


Checking in at Zadar Airport (ZAD) Zadar Airport (ZAD) is a small Croatian airport with an amazing perk to spot some planes from very close. From 2013 it became a Ryanair base with a stationed Boeing 737-800. Our taxi was very short. Zadar Airport (ZAD) was famous for its taxiway crossing a public road (now […]

Flight reports 5.12.2016