Takeoff and departure Preparing for departure. Dubrovnik Airlines MD-80 approaching. The traffic intensifies. Starting the engines. Pushed back. Ready for taxi. Taxiing. Ready for takeoff. Rotate. Gear up. Turning towards KLP NDB. Dubrovnik Airport on display. The city of Dubrovnik. En route Direct to NERRA. Neretva River. Overflying Mostar. Jablanica Lake in the distance. Rama […]

Short Haul Simming 16.03.2017

Dubrovnik Airport opens new terminal

On February 6, Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) officially opened a new building “C”, which is part of a new terminal. Check-in desks and security check points will move to the new building while the current one called building “A” will completely close for passenger traffic and will be used as a baggage sorting facility.

Airports News 7.02.2017


Checking in at Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) At the gate. Looks like an improvised facility. Boarding the plane. Through a mobile jetway. Ready to taxi. Lots of construction work on the terminal. A new terminal in the making. Takeoff from Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) Bumpy takeoff from Dubrovnik Airport runway 30. Short cruise A very short cruise […]

Flight reports 12.11.2016