Takeoff and departure Walkaround. Boarding. Pushback complete. Leaving Apron 2. Taxiing next to Apron 1. Turning towards EE. Some local traffic on the Mike taxiway. Approaching the runway. Entering the runway. Rotating. Rio downtown in the distance and the bridge Presidente Arthur de Costa e Silva. Flying over the Guanabara bay, following SID towards CEROL. […]

Short Haul Simming 20.03.2018


Takeoff and departure Parked in front of the Bradley terminal. Boarding. After pushback. Leaving terminal area. Taxiing. LAN 605 taxi into position and hold. Ready for takeoff. Rotate. Climbing. Downtown Los Angeles. Above the Los Angeles suburbs. Port of Long Beach. En route Santa Ana and its airport in the distance. The Southern California coast. […]

Long Haul Simming 16.03.2017