Takeoff and departure Parked on a remote stand. Turning towards the Hotel taxiway Manoeuvring. Holding short. Gaining speed. Rotating. Right turn over BEO VOR and heading direct to SMI VOR. Kopački Rit nature park in Slavonia. En route The lake Borovik and Levanjska Varoš, my mom’s birth place, on the right. Overflying the Papuk mountain. […]

Short Haul Simming 15.03.2017


Checking in at Djerba-Zarzis (DJE) At the airport in the early morning hours. Sevenair ATR 72 almost ready for taxi. Takeoff from Djerba-Zarzis (DJE). Takeoff from Djerba-Zarzis runway 09. Climbing and leaving Tunisian coast. Reaching cruise altitude. Cruise time Approaching Rome at FL360. Overflying Italy. Very hazy. River Tagliamento. Still Italian coast while approaching Trieste. […]

Flight reports 11.11.2016


Checking in at Ljubljana Airport (LJU) A rainy day in Ljubljana welcomed by a lonely Adria CRJ200. The Slovenian airline began phasing out its CRJ200s in late 2013 with the last one sold in 2016 and replacing them with longer variants CRJ700 and CRJ900. Just landed Nouvelair A320 guided towards a platform. The airline operates […]

Featured flight report Flight reports 10.11.2016