Takeoff and departure In front of the terminal. Boarding. Pushed back. Taxiing. Approaching the hold position. Entering Runway 26L. Rotating. Gear up. Leaving Tegel. Berlin in the distance. Towards the RW NDB. Continuing climb over BRANE. En route Overflying the Havel river. Cruise altitude. Above Hannover. Entering the Dutch airspace. Approaching Rotterdam. Leaving Holland. The […]

Short Haul Simming 11.04.2018


Takeoff and departure Imaginary Ryanair 737-700. Walkaround. Boarding the plane. Pushback completed. Taxiing. Runway 23 in the background. Leisure and low-cost traffic. Leaving the terminal area. Taxiing on Juliet. Turning towards Mike. Business aviation appron in the distance. Holding short. Entering Runway 05. Takeoff thrust set. Rotating. Gear up. Turning for the track 209. Leaving […]

Short Haul Simming 16.03.2018


Takeoff and departure Parked on apron C. Checking the engines. Walkaround… Ready for pushback. After pushback. Ryanair 9804 hold short, traffic is Easy on the taxiway. Taxiing on the taxiway H. Germanwings airborne. The western apron. Rotating. Gear up. Towards CPT VOR. En route Overflying Luton. Oxford in the distance. Approaching Farnborough. Leaving the British […]

Short Haul Simming 16.03.2017