Takeoff and departure Ready for the longest non-stop flight to date. Tail lineup in front of Terminal 2. Walkaround. Pushing back. Starting the engines. Leaving the terminal area. A320 Valuair taking off. Taxiing. Entering Runway 2R. Rotating. Leaving Changi. Gear up. At VTK VOR turning heading 338. Leveling off towards DME 24 VTK VOR. En […]

Long Haul Simming 9.04.2018

Norwegian to connect Madrid with Los Angeles and New York

Norwegian announced yesterday that it will launch new routes from Madrid to New York and Los Angeles. The company will also introduce new routes from Amsterdam to New York and Milan to Los Angeles. Norwegian will be the only airline operating year-round nonstop flights from Madrid and Milan to Los Angeles.

Airlines News 15.12.2017

United announces the longest scheduled flight by the U.S. carrier

United Airlines announced on June 1 that it will introduce daily nonstop flights between its Los Angeles (LAX) hub and Singapore’s Changi (SIN), starting from October, subject to government approval. The flight between LAX and SIN will set the new distance record for any airline operating a flight to or from the United States, at 8,700 miles.

Airlines News 14.06.2017


Takeoff and departure Parked in front of the Bradley terminal. Boarding. After pushback. Leaving terminal area. Taxiing. LAN 605 taxi into position and hold. Ready for takeoff. Rotate. Climbing. Downtown Los Angeles. Above the Los Angeles suburbs. Port of Long Beach. En route Santa Ana and its airport in the distance. The Southern California coast. […]

Long Haul Simming 16.03.2017


Takeoff and departure United Boeing 767 parked in front of gate 67 at LAX. Los Angeles ground, UNITED 81 ready to taxi. Approaching holding point for runway 27R. UNITED 81 taxi into position, you are cleared for takeoff, wind is 180/07. Engines spooling. Takeoff thrust set. Rotate. Positive rate. Gear up. Leaving the California coast. […]

Long Haul Simming 11.11.2016