Takeoff and departure A foggy day in Frankfurt. Walkaround. At 08:45 LT the weather clears up. Pushed back. Leaving the terminal area. Taxiing. Approaching the active runway. Taxiing on Lima Echo. Queuing up. Takeoff thrust set. Rotating. Over the airfield. Leaving FRA. The Frankfurt am Main downtown in the distance. En route SID endpoint at […]

Long Haul Simming 5.04.2017


Checking in at Munich Airport (MUC) Some usual traffic at Munich Airport (MUC). Munich Airport’s satellite terminal in the background. Thai Boeing 747-400 taxiing towards the active runway and Air China A330 just arrived. Takeoff from Munich Airport (MUC) Boarding the plane. Entering through the front door. Air Dolomiti colours. More regional fleet on the […]

Flight reports 28.03.2017


Checking in at Brussels Airport (BRU) Midday rush hour at Brussels Airport (BRU). CityLine aka Lufthansa Regional Embraer E195 arrived at the gate. Towards the plane. Brussels Airlines Airbus at the gate. Takeoff from Brussels Airport (BRU) Boarded and ready for pushback. Takeoff from Brussels Airport (BRU) runway 25R. After initial climb, right turn directs […]

Flight reports 27.03.2017

4U2162 STR-BRU

Checking in at Stuttgart Airport (STR) Arrived at the gate. Germanwings’ Airbus about to land. Takeoff from Stuttgart Airport (STR) Leaving our cabin luggage on a trolley and boarding the plane. It’s Eurowings flying for Lufthansa Regional on behalf of Germanwings… Yeah. Ground crew telling jokes. Takeoff from Stuttgart Airport (STR) runway 07. Cruising The […]

Flight reports 26.03.2017


Takeoff and departure Parked in front of Munich’s Terminal 2. Ready for boarding. Pushback completed. Taxi towards the runway. Lufthansa 737 lining up on the runway. Spooling the engines. Rotating. An overview of Munich Airport. Right turn heading south. After takeoff check list. En route Overflying the Inn river. Chiemsee. The Austrian landscape. Overflying Slovenia. […]

Short Haul Simming 12.03.2017