Takeoff and departure Parked at the gate D4. Walkaround. Pushback. Pushback complete. Leaving the pier D. Taxiing on the taxiway A, passing nexto the pier C. Control tower in sight. Towards the taxiway S. Crossing the M4 motorway. Martinair 341 taxi into position and hold. Rotating. Positive rate. Turning right heading 094 at the waypoint […]

Short Haul Simming 15.06.2018


Takeoff and departure A ride to the plane. Walkaround. Boarding. Leaving the terminal area. On the taxiway A. Holding short. Entering the runway. Rotating. Gear up. After 1 DME SPL VOR turning right heading 094. The radial 183 SPY VOR directs us straight over Amsterdam’s city centre. After a few turns overflying Schiphol once more. […]

Long Haul Simming 30.05.2018

The legacy of the last tri-jet

A brief history of the MD-11, a jetliner that geeks loved, companies loathed and pilots feared. And on Sunday of 26 October, 2014, landing gear of KLM’s MD-11 on flight 672 from Montreal touched down at Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS) and rolled into the history. It was the last commercial flight for McDonnell Douglas MD-11, the last trijet in airline service.

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