Takeoff and departure Boarding the Mini Bus. Preparing for pushback. Geneva tower Air France 1543 ready to taxi. Leaving the terminal area. Taxiing along the terminal area. Aligned with the outer A taxiway. Entering the runway. Rotating. Climbing out of Geneva. Lake Geneva in sight. En route After 8 DME GVA VOR turning left heading […]

Short Haul Simming 31.05.2018


Takeoff and departure Parked in front of Terminal 2E. De Gaulle’s south terminals 2A and 2C. Part of Terminal 2E, mostly used by Air France, collapsed in 2004. Ready for pushback. Aligned on the taxiway. Passing next to Terminal 2A. Air Canada departing from runway 08L. Morning rush hour. Holding at runway 08L. Manual FLEX, […]

Long Haul Simming 14.03.2017