Takeoff and departure The United fleet in front of the northern satellite building. Walkaround. APU running. After pushback. Starting to taxi. Leaving terminal area. Alaska Airlines airplanes in front of the main terminal. Hawaiian 767 about to rotate. The southern satellite building and the fleet of Northwest Airlines in the background. Approaching the runway. Queueing […]

Short Haul Simming 13.03.2018


Takeoff and departure Beautiful Queen of the Skies. Walk-around. Checking the engines. London ground, Virgin 019 request pushback. After pushback. Virgin 019 taxi and hold short runway 27L via F B M U N2W. Taxiing on the Bravo taxiway. Turning… British Airways 747 docking at Europier. The old control tower in the background. Turning towards […]

Featured sim report Long Haul Simming 14.03.2017