Checking in at Lisbon Airport (LIS) Spanish guest in full glory. Vueling A320 EC-LZM, delivered to the company in 2013. Details of the LZM. Takeoff from Lisbon Airport (LIS) Pushed back and already taxing along the line. Our taxi route instructing the crew to cross Runway 17/35, continue along Terminal 2 and enter Runway 03. […]

Flight reports 4.06.2017


Spotting at Madeira Airport (FNC) The Funchal ramp in the morning with TAP and easyJet Airbuses getting ready for the next flight. Luxair Boeing 737 turning for finals… …and rolling out after a touchdown. Observation deck of the Madeira Airport (FNC). Details of easyJet A319 getting ready for the next flight. Luxair’s Boeing 737 is […]

Flight reports 3.06.2017


Checking in at Lisbon Airport (LIS) Waiting for a connecting flight in Terminal 1. KLM 737 being prepared for the next flight. Small waiting area for Gate 19 which will take us to the remote stand. TAP Express E190 taxiing for the departure. Getting ready for a push-back. TAP Airbuses parked at gates 23 and […]

Featured flight report Flight reports 2.06.2017


Checking in at Brussels Airport (BRU) A view from the Connector building between terminals A and B. Straight towards the control tower. Morning traffic pushing back. Simultaneously Turkish A321 and Iberia A320. DHL A310 just landed and rolling out on Runway 25R. Interior of Terminal A. At the gate. TAP A319 arriving to take us […]

Flight reports 1.06.2017