Takeoff and departure In front of Terminal 1. LCCs on display. Cranking up the engines. Taxiing towards A1. Historic fleet permanently parked. Queuing up. After the easyJet departure cleared to enter the runway. Rotating. Gear up. Leaving Ferihegy. At 3.5 DME BUD VOR turning towards the BP631 waypoint. Budapest on display. Overflying the M5 motorway. […]

Short Haul Simming 3.06.2018


Takeoff and departure Walkaround before the return flight to Budapest. Re-fueled and ready to go. Vacating the terminal area. Backtracking on Runway 05. Rotate. Positive rate. Gear up. Continuing on track 150 the flightpath takes us over Split. After the right turn towards SPL VOR we overfly Trogir heading towards SIRMI waypoint. In the distance […]

Short Haul Simming 12.03.2018


Checking in at London-Luton (LTN) Luton’s car park. Thomson Boeing 737 preparing for boarding. easyJet Boeing 737. Remains of the legacy. easyJet A319 and ground crew. New arrivals to the fleet. Old and new. easyJet was slowly phasing out 737s and introducing A319s to its fleet. Wizzair A320 just arrived. Takeoff from London-Luton (LTN) Takeoff […]

Flight reports 14.11.2016


Checking in at Zagreb Airport (ZAG) Boarded and ready to go. Takeoff from Zagreb Airport (ZAG) Takeoff from Zagreb Airport runway 05. Cruise over Europe High above the mountains. The Alps Landing at London-Luton (LTN) Landing at London-Luton (LTN) on runway 08. Out of the plane.

Flight reports 14.11.2016


Checking in and spotting at London-Luton (LTN) Very gloomy morning at Luton. Next to classic easyJet Boeing 737 a very rare glimpse of Silverjet Boeing 767. First Choice A320 boarding. Ryanair Boeing 737 taxiing to the active runway. Classic easyJet Boeing 737 on a stand. Plenty of easyJet colours. And beside low-cost plenty of leisure […]

Flight reports 10.11.2016