Takeoff and departure Light rain in Zagreb. Catering finished the food delivery. Starting engines. Passing next to the GA apron. Entering the runway. Gear up. Turning left over SK NDB and overflying A3. Zagreb covered with the clouds. En route Overflying Medvednica. Entering the Slovenian airspace. In Austria. Overflying Klagenfurt. Contacting Munich. Bavaria in sight. […]

Short Haul Simming 27.07.2018


Takeoff and departure Lineup of yellow tails in Zagreb. Walkaround while Croatia Airlines Airbus taxies. Leaving the stand position. Holding short at the runway threshold. Taking off. Gear up. Overflying motorways A3 and A4. Zagreb in sight. En route Towards PODET. Overflying Slovenj Gradec in Slovenia. Germanwings 971 traffic is Gulf Air A330 nine o’clock. […]

Short Haul Simming 8.06.2018


Takeoff and departure Terminal A lineup. Boarding. Pushback complete. Towards the taxiway K. Passing the control tower. Holding short. Rotating. Gear up. Leaving Atatürk. Climbing towards CEK NDB. En route Leaving Istanbul. Finishing our SID procedure. The Turkish landscape covered with the clouds. Flying next to the Black Sea. Entering the Bulgarian airspace at VADEN […]

Short Haul Simming 26.05.2018


Takeoff and departure On the stand. Approaching the plane. Walkaround. Feathering the engine number two. Parking brake off. Turning towards P1. Taxiing on A4. Passing the control tower. Entering the runway. Rotate. Low-cost Terminal 1 in the distance. Gear up. En route Departure vectors ahead. Hungary under snow. Overflying PUSTA towards SVR VOR. VOR to […]

Short Haul Simming 10.04.2018


Takeoff and departure Sunday morning in Zagreb. Regional airlines. Taxiing. Entering the runway. Rotating. Gear up. Zagreb in the fog. Overflying Kozara Mountain. En route At the cruising altitude. Less snow as we approach the Croatian coast. Traffic in sight. Over Mostar with the first glimpse of Adriatic Sea. Following Neretva towards Adriatic Sea. Overflying […]

Short Haul Simming 29.03.2018


Takeoff and departure Just another foggy morning in Zagreb. Walkaround. Starting the engine number 2. Turning towards Runway 05. At the threshold. Entering the runway. Rotate. Positive rate. Climbing towards SK NDB. Turning left heading 360. Out of the clouds. Overflying Medvednica. En route Above Slovenj Gradec. In the Slovenian airspace. Approaching Austria. Crossing the […]

Short Haul Simming 21.03.2018


Takeoff and departure Dark and foggy. Walkaround. Ready for taxi. Towards Runway 05. Taxiing. Taxi lights on. Approaching the runway. Landing lights on. Rotating. Off the ground. Reaching ZAG VOR turning towards OBUTI. The lights of Zagreb peeking through the clouds. En route Continuing towards OBUTI. Overflying Varaždin. Contacting the Ljubljana control. Approaching Graz. Cruising […]

Featured sim report Short Haul Simming 19.03.2018